5 Reasons Pretty Girls Are Still Single (very interesting)


2. She’s not into meaningless s#x.

As much as we all try and dance around this topic, our generation is known to have casual sexx with “n0 strings attached.” She does not confuse “dating” with “h0oking up.” A “hot but single” girl has been there and done that with the A-holes who just want A$$. She is not going to be down for this guy. To her, nothing is worse than being reminded of the losers from her past by a sub-par h0okup and zero follow through on a guys part. Sexx is better with someone she has feelings for, and she’s willing to wait for that.

3. She’s not looking to fill a void.

As young adults, we are innately forced to focus on a few key areas of life. This list normally includes: career, family, health, romantic relationships, and friends. What if this “hot but single” girl is killing it in every area other than dating? Is she really going to feel a huge glaring void in her life? The answer is no. A woman, hot or not, who has a complete life isn’t going to succumb to the throes of dating desperation to find the one thing she’s missing. She’s too pretty, busy and happy to force it with the next guy who comes along just to place a checkmark next to her romantic life………..READ more on the next page,go below this page click>>>>3