You Shook Me All Night Long: 5 Little-Known Things That Help Men Last Longer In Bed


Most men are insecure about two things: s#x and p3nis size. Men from all walks of life pride themseIves on the size of their p3nis and their duration in bed, believing an above-average size and perf0rmance can feed the s#xual appetite of their partner. Although men can’t do much about the size of their g3nitalia (except plastic surgery), they can control premature ejacvlation to make s#x last longer.

The ability to finish early and quickly can be advantageous in many areas in life, but not when it comes to s#x. Premature ejacvlation is a common and often distressing problem f0r couples who simply want to find ways to make s#x last longer. Harry Fisch, auth0r of the book, The New Naked: The Ultimate s#x Education f0r Grown-Ups, found although an astonishing 45 percent of men finish s#x too quickly, specifically within two minutes, the average duration is 7.3 minutes — only four minutes less than women’s ideal time.


These statistics may be discouraging f0r men and women alike, but like any athletic activity, s#xual perf0rmance and stamina is improved in the most unexpected ways. Remember, not all men are doomed to be the infamous guy in Missy Elliot’s 2001 rap song, “One Minute Man.” Her3 are little-known things that actually help you last longer in bed that you probably didn’t know.


Men, size does matter when it comes to s#x. The bigger the belly, the better the lover, acc0rding to a 2010study published in The Journal of s#xual Medicine. Overweight men with obvious bellies lasted an average of 7.3 minutes compared to their thinner counterparts who could barely make it to two minutes. Although this seems counterintuitive, the researchers found m0re belly fat means the man has m0re estradiol, the female s#x h0rmone, which helps inhibit 0rgasm. ………READ more on the next page,Go below This Page CLICK>>>2