Why Is Samkelo Ndlovu So Desperate To Be Noticed?


I remember watching an interview between Lerato Kganyago and Samkelo Ndlovu on the LKG Show, and thinking this girl knows her stuff. From that moment on Samkelo joined the likes of Zikhona Sodlaka, Mbali Ntuli and Nambitha Mpumlwana on my list of talented stars who are ignored by mainstream media but are the beacon for the future of talent and respect for the craft in this country.

Little did I know that Smakelo was just another fluke who is just clamouring for attention and will say or do anything to suit that need.

On the LKG Show, Samkelo came across as this poised young lady who has toiled in this industry to get her spot. She had not yet gotten her dues but it was clear she is on her way to being respected as a performer.
She spoke eloquently about the love she has for the craft of acting. She spoke of how she draws her inspiration for portraying characters by observing regular human beings on how they behave and interact.
It was a powerful interview to watch because you could see that this girl is not just about the fame but she loves what she does and respects the process of bringing her art to life. I was enthralled by her words and inspired by her vision about the entertainment industry.

Turns out, that was just another performance by Ms Ndlovu. She talked a good talk but in reality she is just another fame hungry celebrity who will do anything to get attention.

Firstly it was the fake breakup with her ex boyfriend, Thomas Gumede on the Vuzu reality show, Forever Young. The two actors put on a performance on the show by pretending to still be an item and had a break up on camera when in “reality” the two had broken up long before the show was even shot.
Unfortunately that little stunt did very little for Samkelo’s career. It got her a few Twitter mention but that was it.
Then came the lamest of all publicity stunts, her supposed relationship with a well known g@y man in the industry, Japhta Mamabolo. If there was ever any ridiculously silly romance story in the history of SA tabloid media, that was it.
Just put your clothes on, leave fake relationships and build a name for yourself with your talent and craft. Trust me, some of us know you have the chops for it.