ZCC Pastor’s Wife Commits Suicide After Her Blesser Leaks Bedroom Photos


Durban – A 31 year old promiscuous woman and well known member of the ZCC church Durban branch recently ended her own life in a tragic way by drinking rat poison in broad day light. This following the ‘leaking’ of her bedroom photos by her blesser, a 65 year old Pretoria businessman,popularly known as Mr John.

According to the deceased’s close friend, who was in shock following the news, her friend (the pastor’s wife) and Mr John had flown to several romantic rendezvous for their sordid  affair under the pretense they were conducting church missions. The friend also revealed the two had been engaging in unprotected s3x.


All hell broke loose when Mr John later discovered that the deceased was HIV positive and was also secretly taking anti-retroviral treatment.

”To make himself feel better,I think he decided to revenge by posting a couple of bedroom photos on his Instagram account, I think it was a deliberate move because the pastor is one of Mr John’s followers on Instagram”,added a ZCC member who declined to be named.

According to sources within the ZCC, the disturbing photos of the deceased licking Mr John’s privates where later taken down by Instagram support after the pastor reported them for nu_dity.

Out of shame the pastors wife took her life on Monday whilst the ZCC board is expected to publish an official statement and arrange a decent burial for the deceased.